Absolute Life & Absolute Actions:

the Path of the Other & the Path of the Absolute Individual

 (from “The Path of Cinnabar”)

[...]  'Just as fire can affirm the will of fuel to live and blaze, so the "I" which wishes to be sovereign unto itself has the power to absorb its own non-being as the matter from which, alone, the splendor of an absolute life and of absolute actions might spring forth.' In philosophical terms, such an approach left two paths open: the 'path of the other' and 'the path of the Absolute Individual'. [...] In Buddhism, the 'path of the other' (which I also termed 'the path of the object’) corresponds to samsāra, the inferior world of becoming, which arises from thirst and greed; in the ancient Mysteries, this path corresponds to the 'cycle of generation' or necessity. The opposite path is described as the path of the Awakened or Liberated in Buddhism, and as the path of the consecrated in the ancient Mysteries.




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