Bhagavad-Gita's Solar Wisdom

& Laws of Manu (which are for Aryans as Talmud for Hebrews)

Confirm War's Re-Galvanizing Effect for Race of the Spirit

(from “Metaphysics of War”)


The first concerns the meaningful relation, in the Bhagavad-Gita, between the teaching which has just been described on the one hand and tradition and race on the other. In chapter IV, 1-3, it is said that this is the 'solar' wisdom received from Manu, who, as is well known, is the most ancient 'divine' legislator of the Aryan race. His laws, for Aryans, have the same value that the Talmud has for Hebrews: that is to say, they constitute the formative force of their way of life, the essence of their 'race of the spirit'. Now; this primordial wisdom, which was at first transmitted through direct succession, "with the passing of the times was lost to the world" (IV, 2). It was not to a priest, but to a warrior prince, Arjuna, that it was revealed again in the way just recounted. To realize this wisdom by following the path of sacred heroism and absolute action can only mean, therefore, restoration, awakening, resumption of what was at the origin of tradition, which has survived for centuries in the dark depths of the race and routinized itself in the customs of successive ages. The meaning that we have already indicated, the re-galvanizing effect which the fact of war in given conditions can have for the 'race of the spirit', is thus exactly confirmed.





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