National Socialist State Based on an Order: an Adequate Foundation

(from "The Path of Cinnabar")




[...] As is generally known, the expression 'Third Reich' was not coined by Hitler, who rather borrowed it from the writers of the 'Conservative Revolution'. Such writers, however, had vested the expression with a spiritual and traditionalist meaning by referring to ideas not dissimilar to my own; hence, some of these writers, who later came to oppose Hitler's regime, perceived the Nazi use of the expression and of the symbolism of the Third Reich as a contaminating usurpation. By contrast, a secret front of the Right sought to gradually trace the idea back to its original significance: it is in this respect that my own work might have proven useful. In theory, some of the principles of National Socialism might have provided an adequate foundation; this was particularly the case with the Ordensstaatsgedanke or National Socialist idea of a state based not on a democratic 'leadership' but on an Order - an elite founded on an ideal, a tradition, an austere discipline and a common lifestyle. [...]




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